Thursday, 2 July 2009

New Subject - Introduction to Digital Electronics

Digital circuits are often refferred to as switching circuits because their control devices (e.g.diodes and transistors) are switched between the two extremes of ON and OFF.
Logic gates have one or more inputs with one output.They respond to various input combinations.A truth table shows this realationship between circuit`s input combinations and its output...

In digital system, te ON and OFF state can be represented as logic 1 and 0 respectively.For TTL circuits (74xx series), a logic 0 can be anywhere from 0V to +0.8V, and a logic 1 is in te range of +2.0V to +5.0V.Voltage between 0.8 and 2V are underfined (neither 0 or 1) and under normal circumstances should not occur.

For procedure...

Must be understand how to complete the truth table and define the gate for :

  1. AND Gate
  2. OR Gate
  3. Logic Gates (74xx-series)

For the result...cannot to public at here..For safety because more Unimap student at my blog (life must go on)..sorry dear..but I know the result for teory..and for practical..I still study and now..50% I know... ;) So, to all student..if u wanna be know very well about this..u must study hard very smart k...

~ Tanpa Usaha, Mimpi Takkan Jadi Kenyataan ~

Ini pun untuk diri saya...Don`t give up..

Apa2 dugaan datang, anggap itu adalah Allah s.w.t sentiasa ingat & sayangkan kita k..

So,we must always remember Allah s.w.t..dengan sentiasa melakukan amalan padaNya & dont ever2 buat yang dilarangNya k...

Although my backround is Mechanical..I wanna n I must know this subject (Mechatronic subject)...Caiyo2!


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